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quotes on travis taylor

Travis’ music has been a great strength to me in my career.  His artistry is a breath of fresh air in today’s music culture.  I know that every word Travis sings is a mirrored image of the man he is...a man who desires God to permeate his life and his legacy.”  
- Aaron Blanton
(Drummer for the original Sonic Flood,
Lead singer for By The Tree)


"I have always been a bit wary of the church music culture, but when i started listening to Travis Taylor sing at my church in the Pacific Palisades, i felt that he was tangible and sincere and defied genre......his music resonated in an innocent and beautiful way."  
- Kevin Max (of DC Talk)


"There's a freshness and honesty about his music that draws me easily into worship"
- Brenton Brown (writer of Everlasting God, Lord Reign in Me, Hallelujah, Hosanna...)


”Travis Taylor is a statesman in the kingdom. Lives in the overflow of a godly heritage, has favored character development over ministry influence, has been diligent to prioritize his young marriage over musical aspirations, has leadership written all over his life, has great musicality and a heart for God and people – establishing in him an authority to lead in worship.”
- Malcolm Duplicies (Director of Worship Together International Sparrow Records/Kingsway Music)

'Travis' songs are straight from the heart and he conveys a real honesty through his music. Stylistically his songs are fresh, creative and worshipful'   
- Ben Cantelon (Song Writer/Worship Leader of Soul Survivor UK)

"The songs are catchy and the voice is soothing!  What more could you ask for? I know, you could ask for a smart and kind man behind the music.  Looks like you hit the jackpot with Travis Taylor!"       
-Kendall Payne

Cross Rhythms UK:

Travis Taylor is a worship leader at Calvary Church Of Pacific Palisades in California and this is not his first album, having fronted a band Tenthousand Flying a few years back. Produced by Dwayne Larring, former guitarist with Sonicflood, 'You Have Loved' matches melody with intensity and Taylor has managed to create a worshipful album which is artistically, musically and spiritually satisfying. Not an easy feat in these days of an over-saturated worship scene. My favourites include the perfect pop of "The Man I'm Meant To Be" and the slow burning build up of intensity on "Come Again". The instant poppyness of "I Found Love" is an immediate hit in my head whilst "Change My Mind" works superbly too. Mixing up rock, pop and Americana influences, the result is an album that deserves to break out from its indie release to a wider audience. (9 squares)
- Mike Rimmer


(Jan/Feb2007 issue)

With a fairly equal mix of congregationally directed worship and songs that delve into more personal moments of reflection and devotion, Travis Taylor's You Have Loved is simply the latest independently produced worship project that gives discerning listeners a taste of what modern worship can be when creativity and honesty are given more credibility than market and radio concessions.  

Taylor is a Houston born LA transplant who has soaked up the musical influences of both regions and of multiple eras. Indeed, his music retains the solid melodic sensibility of classic writers like Petty, McGuinn and Dylan while adding modern production touches that draw heavily from the Doves/Coldplay/Keane school of atmospheric, deeply textured pop. Cuts like "Pictures in My Mind" "Have Your Way" and "Come Again" show an affection for roots-driven, acoustic balladry even as the latter song is dressed in deeply ethereal keyboard tones and heavenly background vocals while the track builds into a stirringly moving declaration of devotion to The Lord. "I Found Love", "The Man I'm Meant to Be" and "He Lives" are particularly melodic examples of the Petty/Byrds influence while "Change My Mind" rocks with a bit more fervency. Much more than the latest flavor of the month, Travis Taylor is an artist who merges a strong musical identity with the heart of a genuine worshipper the proof of which is all over You Have Loved.
about travis taylor

“If it’s good music, it is good music.” That’s Travis Taylor’s story and he’s sticking to it. The Texas-born, California-based singer/songwriter backs up his declaration with “You Have Loved”, his latest full-length rock ‘n’ roll exploration of the length, breadth and depth of love and life viewed through the eyes of faith. It is one of those rare dichotomous albums that fits comfortably into a box, yet refuses to be contained by one.

“I am a worship leader at heart, so I write songs for the worship arena,” Travis says. “But I also write songs about my wife; songs about my kids; songs that are just about everyday life. Of course there is an element of faith that runs throughout these songs, even when I’m not singing specifically about God. I think good music is good music and I don’t think people will be confused by hearing a love song next to a worship song on an album, as long as both are great songs.”

Travis admits that the concept of his latest album reaches beyond the cookie cutter mentality that occupies the Top-40 airwaves. But that’s okay. It’s just another box that Travis believes listeners are ready to climb out of.

“I didn’t want to write ten worship songs just so I could fit the mold of what would work on the shelf of the local Christian bookstore,” he explains. “I wanted this album to reflect me as an artist. And as an artist, I write all kinds of stuff. It makes perfect sense to me and I think it will connect with a world full of people who love great music.”

Ironically, it is Travis’s day job as a worship leader that formed his artistic philosophy. While it is a philosophy that seems to come out of left field, it makes perfect sense to those who dare to peek outside of their box.

“Our church is right in the middle of the wealthiest zip code in Los Angeles,” Travis says. “It is a place that is populated by super successful people - doctors, lawyers, actors, producers who are all very well off. Hollywood is arguably the most extravagant, materialistic machine in the world, so if you are in church there, it is because you want to learn about the Lord; not because it is the cool thing to do. It is refreshing because these people aren’t churchy. They don’t speak Christian-ese. They just talk normal. That’s really what my album is all about – just living a normal life in the real world and sharing my faith by living a life that reflects it.”

As an artist who hasn’t been molded by the demands of the industry, Travis steadfastly refused to allow the industry to shape the way his music was unveiled to the world. Challenging the status quo, he formed his own production company, maintained complete creative control, and gathered a team of like-minded professionals who were dedicated to blazing new trails without abandoning proven methods.

Re-defining boxes is something that came naturally for the native Texan. The son of Jesus music-era musicians, Travis says his earliest memories were of sound checks and church pews. The proximity of musical instruments and a musically savvy family sparked his interest in learning the musician’s craft. However, the lure of sports and desire to fit in with the popular crowd resulted in his being sidetracked for a time during his high school years.

Travis credits his father, who gave him space to experience life outside the box, and a youth pastor who kept the walls up and the door opened, with reining him in.

“This youth pastor kept encouraging me to play my guitar in the youth worship band,” Travis recalls. “He had me sign a contract with him saying I would quit partying and doing all the stuff I shouldn’t have been doing in the first place. For some reason, I took it seriously. It haunted me every time I was tempted to go partying. By the time I got ready to go to college, I seriously considered going to a school for ministry.”

Travis continued to hone his songwriting chops throughout his college years, and found himself in demand as a worship leader for everything from small student gatherings to regular church services. He formed the successful indie worship band Tenthousand Flying and hit the road for 200+ dates a year, but something inside still gnawed at him.

“I’m a songwriter more than I’m a performer, but more than anything I am worship leader,” Travis muses. “I needed to get somewhere that I could lead worship for a consistent group of people.”

That inner desire finally became a reality five years ago when Travis received an unexpected call to be the worship leader at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades.

“It is a special environment because they don’t expect being a worship leader to be the only creative outlet that I need,” Travis says of his home church. “Not every church will understand that. When I write for the church it can be pretty restrictive, artistically. You have to write with a purpose – to connect with a person on a level that they can understand lyrically - and musically it needs to be easy enough that everyone can sing along. I’m happy to write within those perimeters because I want the congregation to be able to worship with the songs I’ve written. But I would be deprived as an artist if that was all I wrote. It is important for me to get outside of my box and write other kinds of songs. It is equally important that I get inside the box the world has built.”

With the blessings of church leadership and the desire to impact his culture, Travis Taylor writes songs that captivate the heart and lighten the spirit, no matter what your box looks like.

about the songs of travis taylor

Meet You
“You’ve got me looking in circles, smiling at little angels.” I wrote this song just before my son was born. I was getting excited about meeting my first child, wanting to show him the world.

No One Who Compares “There is no one who could suffice, the wrath of God in sacrifice.”  This is a song we do a lot in worship services.  It’s a nice, driving tune that speaks of the abundant love of Christ, and our responsibility to give thanks for that love.

Some will Rise“Some of us will rise and sing, some will be dancing.” When I was in college I would lead worship five nights a week for totally disparate groups of believers. I found that even as believers in a common faith we can be a pretty judgmental about the way that other believers worship. I got into the word to find out what true physical worship was supposed to look like. King David was probably the greatest example of how to worship. Sometimes he would dance for joy and sometimes he was silent on his face before God. I discovered there are lots of ways to express worship.

God of The Redeemed“Lord You are my hope, my hope.” Throughout the Psalms we read of the great redemption power of Christ.  This song is an anthem that celebrates that fact.  Erick Cole and I originally wrote this for our church in the Palisades, but it turned into something I wanted to put on the album because of what my brother Jeff did with it in the studio.

Love Divine“Search me O God and know my heart.” I didn’t grow up with the hymns. The church I grew up in didn’t sing hymns. I discovered a lot of these hymns in the last five years. Lyrically they are amazing. “Love Divine” is the hymn, “Cleanse Me,” with an added chorus.

So Much More“A flower fades, a sparrow falls.” I co-wrote this with my brother Jeff. He wrote a lot of the lyrics and I shaped a lot of the melody. It is about being overwhelmed by the vastness and goodness of God.

Fruit of Lips“You’re my rock, You’re my heartbeat.” This song comes directly from the scriptures.  Psalms 19:14 and Hebrew 13:15  May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight. It’s about offering up the sacrifice of praise. It’s about living life in between Sundays in such a way that when we come back together on Sunday, we have something to offer.

He Lives“He lives who once was dead.” This is my version of the hymn, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” with a new chorus.

Picture in My Mind“It’s a story that is felt, so much more than it’s heard.” This is a love song about missing my wife when I am on the road and just want to be home.  I penned it in the mountains of Colorado one night thinking about home.

You Have Loved“You have loved, loved, loved us all.” This song pretty much sums up the record. How amazing it is that Christ has poured out his love on us when we really don’t deserve it. We like to think that Christ died for people who were basically pretty good, but just messed up a little from time to time. But Christ died for people who are full-on sinners. Pretty amazing.


Bonus Tracks:
Change My Mind“I need You to change my mind so I can see again.” This is a rock song that is a little outside the box, and I love it! When I say ‘Change my mind’ I’m not saying ‘I am about to make the wrong decision, so change my mind.’ I’m saying, ‘My mind is crazy sometimes, so help me control my thoughts.’ It is all about the grace of God.

The Man I’m Meant to Be“All I know is I’ve been living lies all my life.” My dad was and is my hero. I saw so much integrity in him that I wanted to be like him. Now I’m a father and it is hard work. This song is about being a daddy and not always being perfect at it.  It’s about walking the walk and not just talking about it.
I Found Love“I know where I come from, I know who I am.” It is not cool to be a Christian in Los Angeles, and almost every Christian I know in LA is trying to be cool. Christian musicians don’t mind you knowing they are Christians, but they don’t want to be called a Christian band. I’m not of that breed. If it’s good music, it is good music. I wanted to remind myself of where I come from.

Come Again“Peace of mind comes to mind.” This is the song that I connect with the most, artistically. It is melancholy and has some crazy guitars. I like the sound of it. It’s really about coming before the Lord with a cheerful, humble heart, reminding ourselves that these are not just songs, but they are a way that we connect with Almighty God.  I found myself going through the motions at one point as a worship leader, and not meaning every word I sang.  This is a response to that.

Have Your Way“Have Thine own way, Lord.” This is another song that was based on a hymn. Folks who grew up in the church will probably recognize a lot of “Have Thine Own Way” in this song.

Hallelujah“Today the walls are coming down.” I wrote this for the youth group at my church in California.  We meet every week and I play by myself acoustically with them, so a wanted an easy guitar tune that would work well musically in that environment.  Lyrically, it talks about becoming the worshipper God’s calling us to be, forgetting about what we may look like to the world.